Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tending My Word Garden

I love my flower garden. It’s mostly perennials with a few annuals thrown in for color. Perennials are awesome. They come back every year (fingers crossed) and don’t need a lot of tending. A little fertilizer, some water and they’re good to go. Friend-husband and I love the unusual ones. We can’t resist perennials with a bit of texture and funky shapes or colors. We like adding new ones and watching them grow.

This morning when Friend-husband and I stopped to admire our garden we were a little shocked to see that weeds were taking over. When did that happen, I’d like to know. Did I put the welcome mat out or something? I’m pretty sure I signed up for the weed-free zone. Did my paperwork get lost?

Well, Friend-husband is awesome and he usually does most of the weeding. I like yard work, but I’m a little time-challenged. He works so hard, though, and the weather was delightful. Weeding with my best friend is not a chore. Together, we got rid of the worst offenders. I promised to finish the job tonight in the cool of the evening when he is off to a meeting. I hope I remember.

While pulling weeds I thought about my writing. Some days I think I’m pretty good. Things are blooming in my word garden. I have an unusual variety, and I am especially fond of the words with texture, or unusual shape or color.

I can get carried away with the fertilizer,though…and the weeds. Where do they come from? It’s such a shock when I find out that my word garden has been invaded by unwelcome guests. Honestly. Who put them there? It’s not as if I would fill my garden with such riff-raff.

I truly think that someone sneaks into my computer in the dead of night and messes with my words. I have some serious weeding to do.

Linda Garner


Dawn said...

My cit partner is an avid gardner (and excellent writer) and would love this analogy. I'm sending her to your blog today :-) Happy wedding!

Linda Garner said...

Thanks, Dawn. It was so fun to read your comments because we actually do have a wedding this week. My son is getting married on Saturday. I think your subconscience figured that out. LOL
I know you meant happy weeding, but I loved the happy wedding. LG

beth said...

I am so the same way with my garden. I like low maintenance perrenials, but the weeds always show up, shockingly quickly.

As for writing...I'm afraid lately I've let the weeds take over there, too, but I'm coming in with a weedwhacker!

Carolyn V. said...

Awesome analogy Linda! I'm sure you will have both the garden and the computer weeded in no time. =) Good luck with the wedding, too. You are such a busy woman!

Vicki Rocho said...

Great analogy! I wanna know where those weeds come from too. Must be some kind of word troll who accesses my document while I'm asleep. LOL