Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, I will miss you.

The New Year always fills me with hope of new dreams for the upcoming year. New hopes, new goals.

This year is no exception. Except I have found myself looking back on 2010 with bitter-sweet feelings.

I didn't get as much done in my life as I wanted. My book is still in revisions, my school work still hangs over my head, my house is just as messy this year as last year. I've lost a few good bloggy friends, but made some that I really care about.

It's been a roller coaster year.

I expect this year will be just as tumultuous.

I've started a new cleaning program (I can do my laundry in 4 minutes flat...with a little pumped up's the most awesome thing ever) (okay, it's a little more like 7, but still, I love it!).

I will get my degree this year. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult this has been for me. I have wanted to give up so many times, but I am only two classes away from smartness.

I've learned that writing vs revisions is something that is both exciting and tedious. A new idea is so amazing to get down on paper, but it isn't until I get into the  description and word building  that the story really comes to life.

So I am looking forward to this new year, hoping to achieve new goals that will teach and mold me.

It's going to be a great year!

What New Year's goals do you have?


Vicki Rocho said...

I suppose with just 2 days (not even that) left in 2010 I ought to get serious about my goals for 2011.

I wanna finish my damn book. That's one, but I think I need to add a deadline or else I might not finish it until 2013.

I WILL be back at the gym - and regularly too - because I can't take those wardrobe malfunctions I wrote about today much longer.

Two classes from your degree? You go girl!

Shari said...

Bitter sweet is a good description of leaving 2010. I don't have resolutions picked out specifically, but I am hoping to have my current WIP ready to submit and another idea drafted. All the while, keeping my family and my house together, not to mention myself.

My word verification is scarem. I wonder what that means?

Dawn said...

You can do eet! Congrats on 2010 accomplishments. Now get out there and tackle 2011. My goals for 2011 - a balance of less and more. More writing. Less eating. More exercising. Less procrastinating.

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss carolyn! yikes! 7 minute laundry! we could need that cause of 6 of us living at our house. wow getting done with school! youre gonna get a big hooray for you! i hope you get all you want done for in the new year. for me i just wanna stay healthy and have fun. im wishing you a real fun and happy new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
...hugs from lenny

MT said...

Two classes? You can do it. Light at the end of the tunnel! Way to go!

Happy New Year. :)