Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time for A New Message

Ever notice how many negative messages you hear in a day? It seems we are constantly bombarded with negative chatter about who we are or aren’t and about countless shoulds and oughts. Trying to measure up can be exhausting and stifling.

Media is a big player. We are encouraged to be thin, sexy, and successful. Don’t forget rich. It sounds good, but in the end we are likely to come up holding the short end of the stick if we measure ourselves against movie stars and models.

Measuring ourselves against anyone is foolish. No one wins. Whether we feel less than or better than we are still going to feel cheated in the end.

The thoughtless words of others can leave painful scars and so can our negative experiences. Everyone has a few scars. Healing is possible, but we must choose it. We can choose to live in pain or we can choose to create a new experience. We do this as we learn to forgive and as we learn to love ourselves.

Letting go of the expectations of others and creating a life based on individual needs and desires is freeing. Learning to appreciate our own gifts and opportunities is the beginning of happier days. Learning to love ourselves can change the way we view our life. It can change our decisions, our relationships, and our future.

People who love themselves do not go around hurting other people. Hold onto that thought the next time someone hurts you. Choose to recognize your own worth. Your worth is incredible. Your worth is unmeasureable. Your worth is infinite.

As we learn to love ourselves we are free to let go of the negative messages that surround us. Our love for others deepens and we are more alive. We feel safer. We embrace truth, light, and possibilities. We are more open to love and less needy. We can reach out to others to lift and strengthen.

If you’re tired of negative messages and the damage they do, start a new trend. Celebrate your worth and the worth of others. Celebrate your purpose. Fill the air with positive messages.

It’s time for a new message.

Linda Garner

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Nicole MacDonald said...

I love me *giggle* cause I ROCK!! And every single knock that puts me on my butt just makes me get back up and try harder. I'm not scared of failure - but I am terrified of NOT trying. Onwards and upwards!

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Cinette said...

It's ironic that the person we are closest to is not always someone we love. I've grown to love my own company, even if others don't:-)