Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here's to You

Here's to those who are creative,
Who think outside of the box,
even when the box wants to hold you in.

Here's to those who dream of things to come.
Who work on an idea that comes from thin air,
that see that being creative isn't just a way - it's a way of life.

Here's to those who see magic through the fog.
Who see faeries in old oak trees, life on other worlds, magic shoes that dance,
Those who see beyond normal realms of imagination.

Here's to you my friends-
Those of you chasing the dream.
The dream of creativity.

Because one day those dreams will be caught. 

~written by me. As I do my homework. Because I should be doing my homework, but this is so much more fun.  Woo hoo creativity!

Busy doing homework this week, but the thought came to me - what would I tell a friend who is struggling with his/her writing? 

The best advice I can give anyone would be to keep going. Persistence (and consistency) is the key. What do you think? What advice would you give a friend who is struggling to keep their dream alive?


Linda Garner said...

Beautiful Words.

Each of us has story that no one else can tell. Doubts, fears, discouragement can cripple us if we don't believe in our potential.

Once we know who we are and what we were born to do, nothing can stop us. LG

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love this, Carolyn! Wow. You are a wonderful poet. I'm going to print it and post it by my computer. :-)

Nicole MacDonald said...

Love it and just do it. Ignore the 'logistics' otherwise you won't even start! Daydream about it lots till the characters voices sing in your mind constantly :) and Good luck!

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Quinn said...

Love the poem! I would tell a friend who's struggling to keep writing to just sit down and f**king write. Of course, that's what my writing friends would respond to. I'm not sure that would work for everyone.

I'm not sure of your policy on cuss words or anything, so I censored myself.

Dawn said...

Tough week on the writing / confidence front so my advice would not be great, but yours is stellar :-)

Vicki Rocho said...

I'd tell them to not pay too much attention to what everyone *else* is doing, to keep true to their own voice.