Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deadlines and Dead Socks

If you've noticed I haven't been commenting lately, it's because...*nervously looking away* I haven't.

I was given two deadlines, one for my house (we had a dump run and I tried to de-clutter didn't work out as nicely as I would have liked - there is still a huge pile for me hiding in the basement) and the second was my final paper for my YA reading class (can I just say, awesome class).

Deadlines come with most things - the dirty baby diaper deadlines (if you have not had a baby, this has to do with the stinkifying of good breathable air), work/school deadlines (to prove to the college professor that you actually understand the meaning of relativity...which I kind of don't - I never did take physics). And yes my friends with writing.

Once you get an agent, you will have to deal with edit deadlines, synop deadlines, and anything else your agent needs you to do. It is always a good idea to do this with a positive attitude (because no one wants to be known as the one who "is really hard to work with". Really...not a good title). So be forewarned, there will be deadlines.

And now I have a deadline to tackle that pile of dead socks in the basement. I'm totally calling Super Laundry Girl to take care of this one.

Any thoughts on deadlines? (p.s. I'll be back around next week to the commenting. Have a great week everyone!)

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