Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writing for the Peanut Butter Crowd

Here's me in Ephraim at the Author's Extravaganza doing what I love most. Teaching. Teaching has always been my first love. I guess that's why I love public speaking and school visits.

I taught two writing classes at the Conference. Writing for the Peanut Butter Crowd was a primer for picture book writing. We had so much fun that they asked me to keep going, while the administration was knocking at the door and telling me to STOP.

I also taught about Writing on a Sensitive Topic and share some of my experience writing and publishing Some Secrets Hurt. Another topic I never tire of.

Friend-husband and I went early and did some school visits. We taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about the writer's voice. I used my unpublished manuscript Grudge Rock and it was a hit. Some of the kids showed up at the conference, and asked where they could buy Grudge Rock. I think I'd better call my publisher.

If you love to read or write, stop by here tomorrow and join the Easter Hop. It's a chance to do a little blog hopping and win cool book prizes. It starts at midnight, tonight. Tell all your friends.

Linda Garner.

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