Monday, April 11, 2011

The Library and Writing

My favorite kind of writing is historical fiction. I love researching a person’s life or a specific incident in the past. Far-away countries are fun to study about also.
It’s great to delve into the library stacks in depth, looking for a lost treasure. The librarians at the reference desk can be so helpful. Archivists at larger libraries love to help find the small details of a story, a picture that hasn’t been seen or other items of interest.
Then what pleasure comes from fitting the pieces of information together in plot form. It’s like sorting the pieces of a puzzle when you don’t know what the picture will look like or even the shapes of all the parts. There is an exhilaration that comes as each item falls into place and an exciting drama unfolds. It’s a challenge to put it all together, and I love it, as I’m sure a mystery writer does who hides the solution to the murder amidst a mountain of clues.
I’ve just been to a large library in Salt Lake City, looking for a picture that hasn’t been seen very often. The Archivist was so helpful in guiding to the people who have done research on the subject. I think the Archivist liked the ‘hunt’ as much as I did. Along the way he kept dropping clues that helped me find the articles I needed to go with the picture and guided me as to how I would end my new book.
Sorry I can’t tell you particulars. It would spoil the ending. These kids have to solve a puzzle, and I’ll give away the conclusion if I tell more.
I just want to say that I’ve had a wonderful day, doing just exactly what I wanted to do. Do you every have days like that? Sometimes I do, but not that often. So I really appreciate and relish one when I get it.
What about you? What’s your favorite day like? What’s your favorite kind of writing?
Christy Monson

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Kirsten said...

That's so great! You deserve a day like that more often! Love you and your writing! :)