Monday, April 18, 2011

A Working Spring Break

Since I love writing every day, the road trips (Spring Break) are a bit difficult for me because I want to spend some time with my characters and their journey. But when Cousin Azalia comes calling with her three active kids, time gets away from me. However, I’ve found I way I can continue working while engaged in festive activities.
Number one kid, belonging to Cousin Azalia, ties his hair in a knot just over his ear. (His hair is long.) He’s knotted it so much that the ends are broken off and it sticks out. There are times when he can’t get the knot untied. What an interesting quirk to give a character.
Cousin Azalia loves to talk. Every sentence either begins or ends with, “Ya’ know, kid,” followed by a little giggle. It would take a unique character to give this idiosyncrasy to, but it’s an unforgettable trait. (Sometimes it does drive me a little nuts! Okay, a lot nuts if I’m around it too long!)
Grandpa Joe, who is nearing 100, loves to sit in the corner and watch the world of children and activity go by. Once in a while he’ll pull a family member aside to ask them if they can see Aunt Janet (who died 30 years ago) singing in the choir across the room. (Who knows, maybe there is a group of singers from the other side serenading us across the room. It may just be that we are the ones who can’t see or hear them.) An interesting addition to any story.
Now, I’m sure you can think of quirky little traits that your family members have. Jot them down and use them (in disguise of course) in your next story. Better still, share them with us, and I’ll use yours and you are welcome to mine. That way no one will ever trace them. :}
Happy Spring Break! Christy Monson


Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss christy! wow that a cool post and a neat idea. yikes my brothers and my sister for sure do stuff that could be real neat in a story. im gonna start doing some secret notes on them. it could be fun. thanks for a neat idea.
...hugs from lenny

Marshall said...

You have a fun family. I'll bet your family reunions rock! LG

Linda Garner said...

Oops. That was me, not Marshall. I guess Friend-husband forgot to log out. Love, LG