Monday, April 9, 2012

Picture Books

I’m taking Rick Walton’s online picture book class. If any of you are interested in writing picture books, he is a wonderful teacher and the class is so great. Rick can pull good writing out of you that you didn’t know was inside you. He has a great gift.
I’ve been reading Eve Bine-Stock’s “How to Write a Children’s Picture Book” Vol. 1 on Structure. It’s really good. I’m going to the library today to get some picture books and break them down according to her outline.
She suggests that three sections:
            Act 1 Beginning
                        Plot Twist 1
            Act 2 Middle
                        Plot Twist 2
            Act 3 End

I’m trying to check out several books she suggests and see if I can fit the plot into her plan.
Everyone knows Goodnight Gorilla
            Act 1 Beginning – Gorilla steals keys
                        Plot Twist 1 – Gorilla starts to open cages
            Act 2 Middle – Night Watchman’s lack of reaction to animals following him
                        Midpoint – Wife says “Good night” (focus shifts from the night watchman
                                                                                    to the wife’s reaction to the animals
                                                                                    in the bedroom
                        Plot Twist 2 – Gorilla follows wife home
            Act 3 End – Gorilla sound asleep

Fun concepts, huh? Check out some of your favorite books and see if they fit this structure. Let me know what you think. I’m off to the library to check out picture books.
Have a great week. Christy


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