Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unplugged and Talking to Myself

Self:  Hey, where are you?

Me: I thought you heard.

Self: About purple being the new color mixed with hints of orange splotches mixed in tweed. Yeah, dreadful.  It's bad news all around.

Me: It's spring break.

Self: Spring break? Yay! Why didn't you tell me? Now I can go find myself some awesome tweed pants! What about you? Do you have any fabulousess plans.

Me: Yup. I'm spending the break at the dentist's office.

Self: I said fabulous.

Me: said fabulousess, which isn't even a word. *smirk* And no. No fun plans. Just lots of drilling.

Self: Okay.*sneaking out back door*  Good luck with that.I hope you have a great time with all that cleaning and drilling and tooth pulling...and stuff. *running away quickly*

Me: Yup. So, so fun.

I'm unplugged this week! Spending time at the dentists. (I'm such a wild one.) Have a great week everyone! And tell me what your plans are for Spring Break! Anything fun?

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Trina said...

Cute post...I'm glad I'm not the only person that talks to myself. Our spring break was the last week of March. Since my husband works for the schools we had the whole family off. We worked at my in-laws home. Tearing down trees, taking out a patio, many trips to the dump. It was a great week- we accomplished much!