Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Haiku

Years ago, I wrote an autumn haiku.

     In early autumn,
     Color creeps ‘cross the mountain
     Crimson, orange, gold

Three lines, seventeen syllables. Line one, five syllables; line two, seven; line three, five. There may be other forms for Haiku. I'm not an expert.

Every autumn, that Haiku comes to mind. It whispers to me. It wants to say more.  I tinker with it every year, but it’s never satisfied.  Out of it have grown other poems, but the Haiku is still thirsty.

     In Early Autumn
     Color stains my mountain
     Blazing without fire

Today I watered it.  It grew two new stanzas.  In the end I changed the beginning too.  First one line and then another.  Autumn brings change, even for my Haiku.

     Just before winter,
     Nature changes mountain’s face;
     Multi colored stain.

     Discarding her brush,
     Nature tips her paint bucket;
     Impatiently spills.

     Brave new dress for earth,
     Rich, sassy, bold, outspoken.
     Don’t whisper, Earth.  Sing.

Linda Garner


Angie said...

That's beautiful!

Christy Monson said...

Linda, you are such a good writer. You take time when I don't. You inspire me to spend a little more time to create.