Monday, October 22, 2012

I spent this week getting a blog tour organized and learning what a Book Blast or Book Bomb is. I had never even heard of a Blast or a Bomb before. Okay, here's what is it. I'm saying this for me, not for you because you probably already know what it is. You have a special day you ask everyone to buy your book on and then you sell enough books to make your rating go up.

Now, don't ask me about ratings on Amazon, because I don't know about them. But the publisher said I should do the Blowing up-thing so I will. Sometimes I feel like a complete noncom because I don't know these things. I'm trying to learn.

Sometimes I wish we didn't have to have ratings and be competetive. I like to enjoy everyone's work and read everyone's book. Everyone is different and I wish we could apprecaite each other for the gook in all of us, rather than have to find the best or be the best.

Anyway, that's my soap box for today. It's nice just knowing all of you are there, and I can say I don't know about something and you and I can laugh about it together.

I send beautiful autumn greetings to all of you. The earth is so beautiful right now. I do love it. Have a great week!



N. R. Williams said...

Hi Christy
I didn't know that a Blast and or a Bomb had anything remotely to do with selling books. LOL

Here's my suggestions;
Arrange a blog tour.

In advance ask people to be prepared to buy your book on that day.

Give something away for doing this, not your book. Roland Yomans gave other books away. No ideas on that, it depends on your income I guess. If you're an artist this might work. I'd see if your publisher has something.

Arrange a huge party after your blog tour to announce the winner of your prize based on comments. Have the bloggers who helped with your tour either announce your party or announce the winner on their blogs. I'd never base the gift on book sales. But you could do a future giveaway based on questions that you ask about your characters to see if people read it. If you give a big ticket item away you may want to go in with several authors. Readers will need to know all the books involved. I have a friend who teamed with other authors and they gave a kindle away. Pretty pricy.

Get some authors to give reviews.

Friends and family members are biased.

Hope that helps.

N. R. Williams said...

OH I thought of some more stuff.

Ask people to spread the word and give something away for doing this.

There name is entered into the giveaway if they post on their blog.

If they tweet.

If they share on Facebook.

Then follow through to let you know what they did. A total of three entries or more than that if you assign each a point value.

I've seen this done a lot.

Christy Monson said...

Wow! Those are great ideas, Nancy. I'll put them to use. You'll hear more from me later. Thanks again. Aren't readers wonderful? Blessing from heaven!