Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Throwing a Fit

My grandson can do 7 chin ups.  Is that right? Did he say chin ups or pull ups?  They’re probably not the same thing.  Either way, I am impressed because I cannot do even one chin up or pull up.  I tried once.  It was embarassing.
I exercise.  I walk.  I ride my bike.  I jump on the trampoline.  Sometimes I do yoga.  Still I’m not as fit as I’d like to be.  My muscles are a little flabby.
I’ve decided to work harder at the exercises I 'm really good at.  I’ve made a list.
1.        Jumping to conclusions
2.       Beating around the bush
3.       Stretching the truth
4.       Running around in circles
5.    Throwing a Fit.
6.       Pushing myself away from the table ( Still working on this one.)
7.       Pulling your leg
With a little effort, maybe I'll get those muscles in shape.  Or not.  What's your favorite exercise?
Linda Garner

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