Monday, November 8, 2010

Courage Revisited

I am here to report that I have sent out 10 (that’s TEN) query letters. However, it’s only really eight because two of the web sites rejected the email. How do I feel about my accomplishment? About the same; I still don’t have the confidence in myself I want to have. Thank heavens for critique groups. They carry me through this time of personal insecurity.
When I say my affirmations, I feel like Bill Murray in What About Bob. “I feel good; I feel great; I feel wonderful.” But then I don’t really feel that way. So it’s an uphill battle, but I can feel myself inching up the hill. Each day I have a little more confidence than I did the day before.
The thing I come back to again and again is this: The reason I am writing is because I love to write. It is so much fun to craft a story, and the pleasure I get from it is indescribable. I love my characters – from young grade school boys and girls running across the desert or hiding from the Nazis, my first-graders fooling around with their karaoke machine or trying to control their parrot and my preschoolers resisting bedtime or racing with a giraffe across the Savannah. I have so much fun with them all.
What a great blessing it is to be a writer! What a wonderful opportunity to generate something no one has ever thought of before. My stories are what I think about when I have nothing to think about. I can be waiting in a doctor’s office or sitting in traffic and be having the best time of my life making up a story or crafting a scene. Like I’ve said before, maybe I’m crazy. I have relationships with people in my head that no one knows about. What would a “shrink” say about that?
Since I am a retired “shrink,” I can answer my own question. My creativity is fun, healthy, and I’m having a ball – if I can just keep those query letters going out! Another report next week.
Christy Monson
PS If anyone has any great advice, let me know.


lotusgirl said...

Good luck with the queries.

Dawn said...

10 queries is a major accomplishment! Celebrate. And good luck.

N. R. Williams said...

Good luck with your queries Christy. I wish you all the best. I'm glad you added that bit at the end about shrinks. Recently when I was in for a check up, I told my doctor about my book. She asked if I was on drugs when I wrote it. I said, "Yes, high blood pressure medicine." She laughed.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Carolyn V. said...

Way to go on the 10 queries! Good luck with everything Christy!

Jolene Perry said...

I'm totally with you on the whole - never bored because I could sit in blissful silence forever and just lose myself in a story.
It's such a fun gift to have.
Best of luck on your queries. I'm querying one project and about to be querying two more. Then I'll try not to stress out and do my best to remember why I love writing in the first place.

Lynda Young said...

Best of luck with your queries. You've done great so far. My only advice is keep going :)

Linda Garner said...

You Go, Girl. LG

Lenny Lee! said...

hi miss christy! im real happy youre having so much fun writing cause thats the most best part about it. i love writing stuff and for me that just the only reason i write. if any of my stuff get published that could be really cool but for me its not the most big thing in my life. being happys the most big thing.
...hugs from lenny