Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling Rebellious I tell ya!

I'm feeling a little rebellious this week.

Serious. I ate a whole bag of chocolate chips to prove it.

So I'm unplugging. Getting some of that treadmill loving in my life. Plus I have to prepare a lesson I'm giving this week and having a hard time finding any time.

Which brings me to lesson from LTUE.

Take time for yourself.

We writers seem to eat, sleep, and dream about our stories and characters. Sometimes it helps the creative process to take a break (or eat a bag of chocolate chips...).

So, I'm taking a break and hope to be better next week. What are your thoughts on breaking from writing for a while? Does it help you?


Carla said...

It does help...though, sometimes just a break from the type of writing that has been consuming me helps just as much. Usually, writing is an escape for me. Enjoy your me-time!

Angie said...

Breaks are good. I hope you enjoy yours!

Bethany Mason said...

I've found breaks to be very rejuvinating - as long as I don't let them continue for too long!

Linda Garner said...

Taking care of yourself needs to be a high priority. Give yourself permission and enjoy. LG