Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do You Want Some Whine With That Cheese - A Sentimental Repost

 Hey guys, I'm re-posting this (from two years ago...yikes), because I'm in the hospital today with my little guy (nothing serious, just some easy surgery stuffs). 

So, this week, I was really whiny. Not just to friends and family, but to a few strangers as well. (Hey, if you’re that kid at the movie popcorn stand, I am really sorry for spilling out my life in front of you – I owe you big man... I owe you big).

Maybe it was because of the snow that assaulted my house (didn’t that porcupine say it was spring?). Or maybe it was because this week was Parent Teacher Conference and I spent a billion dollars at the book fair (now I know why they schedule the book fair at the same time as P.T.C. - Conspiracy). But I think I was whiny mostly because of daylight savings.

So yes, I whined. Whined about getting older, whined about my shoes smelling like moldy cupcake frosting, and whined about getting dinner on the table (why do we have to eat so many times during the day? Can’t they make a pill for that?) (Oh, maybe they do. I think it’s called a diet pill.)

Anyway, I have had my fill of whine; I am ready for the good stuff. So, I’m taking action! I’m starting a new writing project, I’m watching what I eat, and I’m washing my tennis shoes!  They have a cool drying rack for that ... I’ve been told. (Hey, I did all three of those things...SWEET! But I'm pretty sure I tossed those shoes.)

And next time you come to my door, I’m going to talk your ear off, even if you are trying to get me to buy your new windows with the extra layer of warmth. Yes, you will be begging to get away from my house (and will be warning others of the crazy woman down the street).

So world, beware. I’m on the prowl!

There will be no need for that cheese anymore. I’m throwing that cheese into a great casserole with macaroni (and little cornflakes on top). Ah, the world is looking better already!

Have a great week guys!


Linda Garner said...

Love ya, Carolyn, even when ya whine. Love, LG

Christy Monson said...

Been there, done that! We can all relate!

aspiring_x said...

it's called a diet pill!!!
hope the little one heals up easily! jello works a world of miracles!